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This article is a 5 minute read, and applying these tips and tricks will increase your chances of landing roles with 10x!

Congratulations! You have successfully created a profile on Mixfame… so what’s next?
Always bare in mind that we are a self-promotion website, and it is therefore up to YOU to make sure that your profile looks professional and appealing.

The effort you invest into maintaining your profile is directly linked to your success on the platform. Trust us, you won’t get far with uploading a selfie every now and then- you have to dedicate time to create the best possible look and feel for your profile. You are essentially a “brand” and you need to market yourself in the best possible way.

Confused? Don’t be! Luckily for you we have compiled some useful tips to help you on your way to success- you’ll be applying to jobs like a pro in no time!


As an actor, your headshot is your most important marketing tool. When you apply to a casting call- your headshot is the first thing the casting director will see, so it’s important to ensure that it’s up to date and of a very good quality.

For help to upload your headshot click here: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/photos-and-headshot/how-to-upload-headshots

Remember, the casting director wants to see the real authentic you in your headshot. It must be updated constantly and should represent what you look like at this moment. Stay away from filters and too much makeup! And most importantly… No Selfies!

You will most likely see very little success, if your headshot looks like this:

Bad Headshots

You will be praised by casting directors, if your headshot looks like this:

Great Headshots

Don't worry, you don't have to splash money to take a great headshot, you can do it yourself with the help of a smartphone and a friend or family member.

Follow the link below for detailed and helpful tips to help you pick the best headshot for your profile: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/photos-and-headshot/its-all-about-the-headshot

Once you apply for Casting Calls on Mixfame, you profile will be sent directly to the Casting Professional on the casting call, who will filter through the applicants and do an initial "short list" of talents that matches and has the right look and feel.

The headshot, is the first thing they see and will eventually be the majority reason why they would pass you for a role.

Here's what the Casting Professional see's


Once you have selected the perfect headshot, you can now move onto the next part- uploading your photos and videos. Your photos are the next thing a casting director will see after your headshot. So, it is important to make sure the photos you upload are updated and of a good quality.

Don’t forget! This is your chance to show off your range as an actor- you should add a variety of looks and photos with different expressions. Remember, you want to come across as natural and authentic as possible. Avoid adding selfies and blurry images at all costs! You don’t want to look like an amateur.

You should always keep photos recent, unfiltered and in natural light with little-to-no makeup. See the following great example of photos that would instantly please a casting professional:

Great casting photos
Follow this link for the important Dos and Don’ts when it comes to picking your photographs: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/photos-and-headshot/cant-think-of-what-photos-to-upload-look-here

So you’ve spent some time selecting and uploading the best photographs for your profile and you’re now ready to move onto the next part- uploading your videos! It’s so easy to do and we break it down for you here: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/videos-and-audio/handling-your-videos

First and foremost, you should upload a short introduction video of yourself- this allows the casting director to hear your voice and they get to see how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Let your personality shine through- just be yourself. This is also a great opportunity to impress the casting director with your experience. Treat this like your visual CV. Upload any video campaigns you have been a part of – but don’t include any outdated videos, remember quality over quantity is key.

Here's a great example:

Need some guidance? We cover it all here: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/videos-and-audio/need-some-advice-on-what-videos-to-upload
Need help uploading, deleting, resizing, rotating, you name it. We cover it all here: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/photos-and-headshot/how-to-handle-your-photos


So you’re photos and videos have been uploaded- so what’s missing? You’re biography of course!

This is a personal description that should include an overview of yourself as a person. It appears right next to your headshot and sets the tone for your profile, so you should make it as interesting as possible. Tell us about yourself- your interests and your special skills.

Psssst…here’s an insider’s tip for you- keywords are super important! Casting directors often search for talents with special skills by using keywords i.e.) Dancer, Yoga, Paddle Boarder. So, don’t be shy- it’s important to add anything you think might set you apart from the rest and you never know when these special skills might come in handy!
Again, always remember…quality over quantity. There’s no need to write a novel- keep it relevant. Need some inspiration on what to write? Add your hobbies, your special skills, add anything that could potentially set you apart from others.


Now it’s time to fill in your physical details. This is super important as professionals use these details to pinpoint the talents that match the specific requirements they have set out for the role. You could be selected purely based on your hair colour or ethnicity - so remember to be honest and accurate! Don’t lie about your age- keep in mind that there’s a role for every age and don’t worry – you are still able to apply to something that falls outside of your age range.

Keep this section updated at all times. if your hair colour changes- make sure to indicate so on your profile. It’s really simple to do, find out how here: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/edit-your-profile/edit-details-on-your-profile


By now, you’re well on your way to creating an awesome profile! Adding your previous experience is easy, click here for help: https://help.mixfame.com/mixfame-for-talents/videos-and-audio/you-have-previous-experience-learn-how-to-include-it-here

Your previous experience is important and will only add to your odds of a successful application. This is your chance to show off! Your experience is what might set you apart from the competition and makes you more qualified for the job. Remember, less is more- so only include the experience you find relevant and necessary. Also, keep in mind that casting directors can spot an inexperienced actor from a mile away- so always be honest.

If you are new to the industry and you don’t have any relevant experience- don’t worry! Focus on building your resume- get involved in student short films and other opportunities that can provide great on-set experience and an awesome snippet for your showreel.


As mentioned previously, on Mixfame-you are the creator and manager of your own brand. You should constantly be building your brand and networking by engaging with other industry professionals.

It helps to be active and social on the platform- if you see a talent you know and look up to- follow them! If you notice something you like and appreciate – leave a comment! You never know, a casting director might just stumble onto your comment and lookup your profile. Remember, to be professional, polite and courteous and to avoid any inappropriate remarks. Don’t leave any personal contact details- this is a professional platform not a dating site!

Perhaps the most important factor in gaining success is to apply, apply and APPLY! The more you apply, the more chances you have of landing a role. And the more you apply, the more active you are- this keeps your profile from shifting to the back of the talent database. This means that the more active profiles will show up on searches first and yours might go unnoticed. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t seem to be shortlisted right away- keep applying!

Need some motivation? Follow the link to read about Coline-she persevered and landed a lead role! https://mixfame.com/discover/blog/coline-was-discovered-mixfame-and-landed-lead-role-feature-film-casting/


We cannot stress enough, the importance of an updated profile. It could happen that a casting director might realize your profile hasn’t been updated in a while and purposefully skip you for fear that you might look completely different.

You should try to update your profile on a monthly basis- add a new headshot with a different look, add some new videos or update your video introduction.
Always play to your strengths and you will achieve success on Mixfame!
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