Stopping a Membership
To stop renewal of your membership, please send an email to with subject "Stop Membership".

Your profile will automatically downgrade once the membership period has ended.

If you cancel a membership the day after your activate it, your account will remain Premium until the membership period has ended.

You can upgrade/downgrade or stop your membership completely, anytime! Our support team is ready to help you.

Kindly note that cancellation must be done at latest 48 hours before expiration/renewal date, to avoid getting billed for a new membership period automatically.

If a cancellation is received after the membership has been renewed, we unfortunately can't refund or otherwise alter the membership period.

The request email must be sent from the e-mail address you have used for your account with, as we can't identify your billing/membership unless we have the right e-mail address.

Refunds Policy
Memberships charges on Mixfame is non-refundable. If you have activated a membership, you can immediately request the auto-renewal to be removed to ensure that no further billing will occur. Your membership will continue to be active until the membership period has expired.

Membership notifications
If you membership renews every 6 or 12 months, mixfame or our payment provider such as PayPal, or, will automatically send you a notification 7 days before your membership renews, to ensure you have time to stop the renewal if you so wish.

On memberships renewing every 1 or 3 months, no notification will be sent to you on renewal dates.

Changing billing period.
If you have an active billing period, you can request to change to a different billing period by emailing - all changes to billing periods will be handled within 24 hours of the request.

Transferring memberships
It is possible, to transfer a membership to another user on Mixfame. To transfer a membership, the membership must be valid for a minimum of 30 days from the request in order to qualify for a transfer.

Please keep in mind to remove auto-renewal before you transfer a membership, if you do not want the membership to renew automatically.
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