Uploading Audio: 

Be sure that your audio is in either mp3. or wav. format and no bigger than 10mb.
From your Dashboard, scroll down to the "Add Media" box and click "Upload Audio"
Click "Select a File" a window from your computer will open and you can select the audio file you wish to upload.
You can then type in the "Audio Title" in the respective box and a subtitle in the box below.
Click "Upload Audio". The file will appear just to the right of the page under "Submitted Audios"
Click "View as Public Profile", and you will see your audio uploaded onto your profile!

Removing your Audio: 

If you would like to remove your audio, return to the same page and select the trashcan icon on the audio you want to remove. The file will then be deleted. 

Want to get started? 

Upload Audio Here
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