When you apply for roles on Mixfame, the casting director will find your profile in the "Casting Tool" we offer all casting professionals through the platform.

The Casting Tools overview shows applicants, as well as photos you have selected, questions you might have answered during application and tools that helps the casting professional navigate, scout and find suitable cast and arrange them in ways that helps them deal with cast and roles.

If a Casting Professional shortlists your profile between the applicants, you will immediately receive a notification in your dashboard, with a link to the casting call.

A shortlisting is however not a guarantee that you got the job, it simply means a casting professional has requested your contact information and would like to get in touch for the last details. 

As a Premium Member, you can see which talents has been short listed for specific roles you have applied for, from the "My Applications" page

A Casting Professional can shortlist a talent if; 

They need to present options to a client/brand/producer for final confirmation
They want to clear last details with you before confirming you for a shoot
A Casting Professional is wanting to contact you immediately for booking

How do you know if you are selected for a role?

You are selected for a role only if you have received a phone call from a Casting Professional with the last information as well as received e-mail with Time, Location and last details required to perform the job/role.
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